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Dental Trauma

What to do with a dental trauma

If a tooth is completely knocked out, our advice is:

1) Pick up the tooth by its crown, avoiding contact with its root if possible.  This is because the root has vital cells on it that will help it re-attach to the bone if they remain undamaged.

2) Place the tooth in saliva without attempting to clean it and to bring it to the surgery if possible within two hours of the injury.     We will reposition the tooth and splint it in position and advise a tetanus boost injection.  We will then treat and monitor its progress as appropriate.

If the tooth is fractured and the nerve is bleeding,

1) Contact us immediately as we would like to see it asap so that a dressing can be applied.

The nerves of young teeth may still stay alive if treated quickly and the roots go on to complete their development.

In an adult, it is unlikely the tooth will remain alive but it is still advisable to see us asap.

If a tooth is chipped out of hours and the nerve is not bleeding

1) We would like you to contact us but we will probably advise waiting until the next day when with the surgery can be made fully operational and it would be easier to place a filling over the exposed dentine.

If in doubt, contact us : 01692 531214

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