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Cosmetic Adhesive Dentistry

What is Composite Resin or Cosmetic Adhesive Dentistry?

The use of Composite Resin is extremely conservative of tooth tissue and can be used from repair of chips, masking minor irregularities (instant orthodontics) to building up cases of extensive wear by using the adhesive properties of enamel.

When is it suitable?

Repair of chips

Colour matching is so good that composite can be blended to replace lost tooth tissue.



Most fizzy drinks have a high acid content and acid erosion of dental enamel is a big problem.  Additions of composite can be made thus avoiding further destruction by porcelain veneering.


Instant orthodontics

Using the techniques described above, many minor irregularities can be masked. This lady wanted her lateral incisor teeth more in line with her central incisor teeth.  This was achieved by adding composite to the faces of the lateral incisors.



Reshaping teeth

When lateral incisor teeth are missing, canines can be made to look like lateral incisors.


Closing gaps

Minor gaps between teeth can be masked by adding composite to the sides of teeth.

Composite resin means your dentist does not have to cut teeth


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